Glasswares now available!

Have you ever wanted offensive glasswares? Do you like silly useful objects that assert your independence from corporate slime that wants conformity? Do you simply like supporting local artists?

Then you're in good luck! New for sale: small items, made for you by me!

They'll be for sale at the upcoming Swan Day Fundraising Art Exhibition on April 11, 2015 at the Lottie Rose Gallery, a part of Firehouse Art Collective. 30% of all sales will be donated to Women Arts! So come on out, support local women artists and have a great time!

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Art Reception at The Good Hop

There was a wonderful turnout at The Good Hop on Jan 11th for the opening Artist Reception!

There was food, great conversation, and delicious beer. A fantastic evening!

I even met a man who looked remarkably like one of my paintings! (The lighting on his face is almost right too..)

January at The Good Hop

This month, the entire Experience 2014 collection will be on view at The Good Hop on 24th and Telegraph in Oakland, CA. 

The Good Hop is one of my favorite local spots, the beer is excellent and the people who run it are amazing hosts who love what they do! Come on down, check out the art, have a drink and watch some sports!



I'm very excited to welcome you to my website! 

Please, feel free to check out the art I have up! If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I will reply promptly.


Prints will be available in early 2015!