Courtesy Andrew Nixon


My work is representational with the focus shifted toward the physicality of the paint. The process is a careful construction of traditional and modern methods. Each painting begins with an imprimatura and is built up in thin layers of solvents and medium. To create variety in texture, I apply alla prima and use a palette knife toward the end. I have a strong watercolor background, and this informs my oil painting decisions, particularly in the way that thin layering induces the particles to show through. My conscious decision to work in a difficult and time-consuming process acts as a counterpoint to modern instantaneous culture. I use traditional methods of painting representational works to question the validity of these methods in the contemporary art world.

Because I don't always take myself seriously, I also do small crafted works that are intended to make people feel good and laugh a little. Enjoy.


Currently, Kat is enrolled in the MFA in Pictorial Arts program at San José State University. She received her BA in Mathematics at the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2012, where she also studied Physics and Astronomy. She has studied art at Diablo Valley College, Civic Arts Education in Walnut Creek, and UC Berkeley Extension in San Francisco.

Kat lives and works in Oakland, CA.